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 After a year
 Assalamualaikum.. Hello!

Hahahahaha im back! sebab apa? Entah la lately ni rasa macam rasa nak Blogging balik. Sebab a few days before asyik jadi reader untuk sites orang lain i mean macam seronok lah kalau nak blogging balik even i know memang tak ada orang interested with my blog *memang tak interesting pun* . If you think i just made ayat pasrah macam tu no sebab in fact memang pun takda yang menarik lol ! 

For a few reasons and one of the reason tu sebab memang saja la and just for sharing my thoughts or macam share moments. Back to masa awal dulu start buat Blog, OMG kalau boleh semua benda nak cerita hari sukan sekolah , gaduh dengan boyfriend benda bodoh pun nak cerita. Hahahahahahahahaha so stupid me.

I know kinda stupid tapi yeah for sure i read my old post and of course cracked me up sumpah kelakar lawak nak mampos bodoh gila la aku dulu and of course la aku delete takkan nak biar je kau gila! nak biar kawan kawan ambik cerita and bahan kau sampai tua ke apa. At least that stupid things still a memories that can never be replaced. Even it was a stupid things. So hopefully lepas ni boleh la Blogging sampai laaaaaaa sampai emm sampai tak jemu lah kot hehehe *ending cam awkward sikit*. Bye! ❁ 
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Well i guess i`m going to start berblog-ing again. Yes, i deleted my older post. And i gonna start all over again. Sebab macam lame je lol. Still in progress nak edit apa semua. But for sure rindunyaaaaaaaaa nk selalu update post. Teheeeee... 
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